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7 Powerful Ways Professional Notebooks can ENHANCE The Performance Of The Modern Busy Entrepreneur

March 22, 2020 6 min read

7 Powerful Ways Professional Notebooks can ENHANCE The Performance Of The Modern Busy Entrepreneur

It is not easy being your own boss and running a thriving business, especially if you are just starting out. With all the moving parts and the never-ending list of things to complete each day, forgetting critical elements is something you cannot afford to do. After all, it is a dog-eat-dog business world out there, all competing for the top spot.

If you really want to standout and have a competitive advantage, you need to maximize your internal practices and organization for both you personally and your business. The best way to do that is by having a professional notebook on hand. Owning the right notebook is vital in helping you pave the way to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Our team at LeStallion knows that having a professional notebook for work is an invaluable resource that propels you and your business to grow. We offer nothing but high quality, elegant, and extremely sustainable faux leather notebooks that you can utilize to optimize your efficiencies. If you are still on the fence on if a work notebook is an ideal choice for you, then here is some more insight as to what this powerful tool has to offer.

Your Greatest Productivity Tool

We live in a day and age, where innovative technology is always coming out something new. From IPads to digital devices that can supplement note taking, it is quite amazing to see how paper notebooks still stand the tests of time. Nothing can beat the classic paper notebook, especially a high quality one. The reason having a notebook for work is still such a popular business tool today is because, simply put, they work! There's even journal with pockets these days!

Some people think this is somewhat of a nostalgic habit because, after all, you most likely used paper notebooks all throughout your school ages and college. But that is not the only reason why they are still the greatest productivity tool and superior approach for both creative types and industry leaders.

In fact, all top performing executives, managers, entrepreneurs are constantly making sure that their pens and notebooks are top notch, as they know that the result of their success has been heavily aided by these tools. 

"If you really want to standout and have a competitive advantage, you need to maximize your internal practices and organization..."


7 Powerful Ways Professional Notebooks can ENHANCE The Performance Of The Modern Busy Entrepreneur 2

It is scientifically proven that the mere act of writing everything down by hand can actually make you smarter and retain information better. By picking up a pen or pencil and jotting down notes, you are giving yourself the advantage to process that information rather than just typing down the verbiage.

You are forcing your brain to analyze each word you think and translate it into texts, in turn improving your memory to recall that data later. A professional notebook is your second brain, and you need it if you want the best competitive advantage in the marketplace today within your industry. Journaling improves mental health, if not strengthens it further.

Benefits of Professional Notebooks

Aside from increasing memory and productivity, you can gain many other benefits from a high quality work notebook, that will surely help you with your business goals. 

1) It's MUCH FASTER to start writing in.

By the time you swipe to find your notes App, load it up and start a new file, or open your computer to load up a writing tool on the browser (not to mention the typing of the URL and the many irritating clicks to get you started), nothing beats the 'load up' speed of simply grabbing your notebook, and opening up to the latest blank page.

As an entrepreneur - when they say you need to improve your TIME MANAGEMENT, it often means learn to optimize / reduce the duration it takes to do your activities!

High performance entrepreneurship values speed of implementation, and they recognize that the notebook is far more efficient to start writing in.

2) It DRAWS YOU IN to want to write more.

Once you start to be receiving the gratification of how you last completed your tasks, the goals you've hit, the achievements, you'll start to realise that your performance is highly depended upon the planning you've prepared beforehand in your trusted notebook. You will be drawn to leveraging it as your performance enhancing drug! 

3) You GAIN THE ENVY of others in the workplace.

When you start receiving  the regular compliments such as "That's a really nice notebook" from your peers or clients, you immediately gain that additional boost of pride and confidence, that will act as a nice supplement of energy and morale - which is just perfect for sustaining your performance so that you can complete those tasks of yours just that little bit sooner!

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4) You LOOK AND FEEL more professional in meetings

You'll notice clients start treating you with abit more respect, trusting you abit more as the expert you give off that professional vibe, knowing that you take your work seriously, especially when even your notebook is so... professional!

That is what they call attention to detail. When was the last time anyone was wowed from a notebook? It's a unique experience that people will remember you by and ultimately raising the odds just that little bit more to doing business with you!


When your notebook is primitive, say like those spiral notebooks we're all habituated to using from our college days, we tend to just scribble in there some quick notes and diagrams, and then throw that notebook aside carelessly.

With a luxury  notebook, you treat it with much respect, the things you write inside suddenly becomes neater, as you're more aware of its value - and through that - the now beautifully written content within, suddenly allows you to easily focus better and think clearer, as if its the ergonomic effect between a messy workspace and a clean workspace!

6) You RAISE your social status just that little bit more.

The feeling of superiority and self worth is almost an essential human subconscious need. Like having a nice suit, nice car, nice phone or a nice house - all these psychological triggers are essential to assisting in the painfully difficult climb towards reaching that next level in your career.

A professional notebook is perhaps one of most affordable ways of depositing a few more points towards your self validation bank! And whilst every luxury item is categorised as more a liability, your notebook is an ASSET that is actually helping you make more money in the long term. "Invest in assets, not liabilities" ~ says Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad - the world's best selling financial education book.

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7) You achieve your goals and dreams sooner

With the boost of self confidence, the influx of positive energy received from others, and the crystal clear mental clarity in your task list, not to mention the reduced mental load by simply having notes written down, you start to operate at a highly optimized version of yourself!

Not long, you'll start ticking off those Todo lists, coming up with creative and innovative solutions to your challenges, and ultimately finish your work sooner, and achieve results quicker. The subtle power of a professional notebook is crucial to anyone trying to find ways to improve their performance!

Time to Upgrade Your Potential

Remember how I said that being your own boss is hard? That does not mean it is not worth it. It is incredible to be able to chase your dreams and work towards something you love while making positive impacts in the world.  It is the main reason we established LeStallion, so we can aspire you to a higher standard, and inspire you to love your work, by first loving the experience of writing in your notebook!

It makes sense that, in order to operate at the highest efficiency, you've been buying the latest mobile phone, or a quality laptop with good specs. You'd also want to make sure that your notebook, that you'll be using for the the next 6-9 months, should also be of the most highest grade, both aesthetically and functionally! LeStallion strives to deliver some of the best notebooks for work and for entrepreneurs.

Work smarter, not harder. Our mission is for you to achieve greatness, reach your goals, and leverage your potential no matter what business you are embarking in. By investing money towards a professional notebook, you will subconsciously begin to commit to  your own personal development. Get your hands on some of the best notebooks for work, and start solidifying your confidence and mindset towards your personal growth both personally and professionally.

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