Our New Hardcover Collection


When your notebook is basic and scrappy, you tend to care less what you write. Quick scribbles/ideas here and there, handwriting is messy, page space are excessively wasted.

When your notebook is of a higher class, you subconsciously write neater, diagrams are more clearer, plan better and your content become more creative!

Let LeStallion notebooks subconsciously inspire, elevate and bring out the best of your craft.


You'll notice that under the spell of a high end notebook - you will treat your work more seriously. And through that - you will end up  more focused on finally achieving what you originally set out to accomplish!

Up until now if you are not where you want to be, then you must start making changes to your lifestyle, and to start investing in things that may have even the smallest impact of pushing you towards your success.

  • Immense 216 Numbered Pages

    Fit for a good 7-9 months of daily use.  The amount of content you will have by the end, is the reason you won't be throwing this notebook away like every other notebook.

  • Stylish Page Color Edging

    Majority of books don't do it because its expensive to manufacture, but we strive to raise the standards, to aspire you to also raise your standards too.

  • 120gsm Thick Ivory Paper

    Handles the most inkiest fountain pens and markers with minimum ghosting and bleeding! A luxury for the casual user, a must for the professional writers.

  • Built-In Table of Contents

    You can easily mark down your most important memories and pages. This is a book intended for you to look back through your body of work down the line, years afterwards.

  • Shiny Metallic Bookmark

    We're all about being just that little bit different, and little bit better, whilst making sure its both good form and function.

  • Textured Faux Leather Cover

    From the soft textured leather feel to the classy look, Its aesthetic commands authority amongst all other notebooks.

  • Rear Folder Storage Pocket

    You'd be surprised at all the bills and receipts that you can conveniently tuck away when needed, for later viewing!

  • Giftable Deluxe Slipcase

    Encased in a really nice slipcase, making it also an excellent gift idea to give to someone special.

  • A Really High Quality Notebook..


    I bought this for my wife who loves to write and sketch. She always has a journal with her and I wanted to give her something to encourage her creativity.  For me, I thought the cover felt wonderful. It's advertised as faux leather so it's kind of a suede that is really easy to hold on to. I thought it was a nice touch that it came with a beautifully embossed card that encourages you to write down goals - something I'm personally struggling with in this "work from home" phase of my career. All in all, I'm very happy with this purchase and will probably buy another for myself before too long.

  • Best Journal I've Ever Owned, By a Mile!


    This journal is, without question, the best I've ever had (and I've had many!) It came well-packaged and it is absolutely beautiful, with full attention to detail. The paper is creamy and very substantial... no bleed-through whatsoever. It comes in a beautiful, sturdy slipcase and includes a pretty little charm at the end of its silky bookmark. It also boasts a table of contents, printed page numbers, and a rear stash pocket. It is a joy to write in and I will definitely buy more!


  • Really Love This Journal!


    This is the 3rd notebook I’ve ordered from LeStallion and I am beyond impressed with this company and their product! I’m already getting ready to order a 4th notebook (I do a lot of writing and have separate journals for different purposes). I’m incredibly pleased with this company in all aspects. Thank you LeStallion for making this super picky “journal snob” incredibly happy! I highly recommend this company and their products to anyone!!


Our Philosophy

We recognise that the most important tool for personal development, something that has been with us through primary school, high school, college, is our trusted notebook!

Now that we've become industry professionals, most of us are still stuck with using plain simple notebooks, because we've been habituated to them over our school years.

Your designs and inventions, knowledge and education, business plans, life goals; essentially your life’s work and legacy - has been consistently written up & thrown away over the years due to un-worth-keeping notebooks.

Those who value the importance of their written content, realize the importance of having a reliable, professional notebook. Those with a professional notebook, focus on creating more valuable content than just scrap notes.

Raise your notebook standards, and in turn raise your focus and commitment to achieving your goals and obtaining the success YOU deserve.

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