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Journal With Pockets: 5 Useful Ways You Can Leverage The Back Pocket Of Your Notebook!

August 20, 2020 4 min read

Journal With Pockets

It is good to see more people writing in journals still and the market flooding with various types of more new journals with additional complex features. Lately, you would have seen a new fashion / trend to have journals with pockets!

Is it because they simply like pockets, or are there benefits of having journals with pockets? Does you have a notebook with pockets? What do you use it for, and what CAN you use it for?

The answer is that journals and notebooks with pockets are in the vogue because they come with underlying benefits. Heres 5 benefits of having A journal with pockets:

Swap Business Cards In Meetups & Conferences

 If you go to alot of meetups or conferences, chances are you might bring your journal notebook along to take notes of all the things you may learn from all the talks and conversations! 

Along with all the exciting new people you meet, often you may be exchanging business cards as well, only to throw them all into your bag, causing a dis-organized mess!

Storing business cards in the back pocket of your notebook, will ensure you review each card again the next day (because you have to re-optimise space in your pocket), and through that process, remind you of perhaps get in touch with certain important people you promised to follow up with!

Even better, store some of your OWN business cards from your journal with pockets, to hand out to potential important people!

Store Your Receipts, Bills or Bank Statements

Now, you want to compare the price of your electricity bills in the last three months. Generally, you would look for them in every nook and corner to finally chuck the idea of going over your costs because you didn’t find the bill.

But what if you had a notebook specifically dedicated to electricity bills and all other bills, where you have maintained a record of all payments?

In the pocket, you can keep all your fee-receipts neatly arranged month-wise so that you do not have to face any end-minute searches. That is not only a brilliant way to organize things, but it also makes you more conscious about your expenditures.

3. Stash your Paper Cut outs, Post it notes or Coupons!

Theres always bits and pieces of paper lying around that is of utmost importance, but you have no specific place to store it apart from throwing it away in your draws, leaving you with a really messy draw!

Whilst thats quite common, its when you are out and about when you realise "if only I had that piece of note with me that I left in my draw"!

Your daily todo lists, notepad tear-outs or even a discount coupon to a local restaurant or retailer, can really come in handy when you make it a habit to store them in the back of your notebook!

4. Carry your Travel Guides, Brochures and Tickets!

 You will inevitably go to places outside your town for work-related jobs or once-in-a-while vacation. Consider creating travel journals that contain all the information about your trip details and your destination.

If you have notebooks or journals with pockets, it would be an added benefit as you could keep your passport and tickets within the journal to avoid the fuss of looking for it in your bag or purse, at the last minute.

When you are back in town, you can probably think about using these boarding passes and tickets to create a proper travel journal.

5. Journaling Supplies, Stickers and Stencils

If you're more of a hardcore bullet journaler, then you be no stranger to using additional tools like your washi tapes, stickers, paper clips, and probably the most important tool of all, your mini ruler!

Sure you can keep most of them in your pencil case. But just in case you are out and about, and didnt want to carry your bulky pencil case around, you now at least have your "lite version" of your journaling supplies to ensure you can still write on demand, without having to wait till you're home.

Your back pocket, carrying your every day journaling essentials, will allow you to journal effectively whilst outside at work, with friends, or perhaps even on public transport!

In Conclusion

Buying notebooks / journal with pockets is definitely a wise decision in the modern age! Considering the fact that you are going to use that notebook for many months to come, having a back pocket will definitely prove handy someone down the track! This is nowadays an essential feature to have for the everyday journaler or bullet journaling for men or women.

If you've never had one before, perhaps give it a try on your next journal purchase, to see why it has become the new essential feature of all notebooks.

If you HAVE used one before, then its worth developing additional new habits of maximising the use of your journal with pockets, and unlock the next level of convenience and productivity to your daily routine!

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