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Can Men Have A Journal?

November 03, 2022 5 min read

Can Guys have a Journal?

According to Ollie Aplin, writing down how you are feeling has enormous benefits for both your mental and physical health, and males especially could benefit from doing so.

Men throughout history, from Thomas Jefferson and Winston Churchill through Thomas Jefferson, Ernest Hemingway, and Bruce Lee, have all been documented to have kept diaries. These two guys were polar opposites in almost every way, yet they had a trait in that they both discovered that writing down their thoughts brought them both solace and fortitude.

Professor James Pennebaker of the University of Texas, who specializes in social psychology, has devoted a significant amount of time and energy investigating how the act of writing down our emotions may improve the functioning of our immune system.

Pennebaker asserts that expressive writing is beneficial to one's physical health and alleviates mental suffering in the book Opening Up by Writing it Down, which he co-authored with Joshua Smyth. He presents evidence from hundreds of research that illustrate the benefits to one's physical health of expressing one's feelings, particularly after experiencing a traumatic event.

Pennebaker offers the following explanation: "By writing, you give those nervous feelings some shape and organization." It makes it easier for you to go past them. Pennebaker has also discovered that repressing negative thoughts rather than discussing them can have a detrimental effect on the functioning of the immune system.

keeping a journal may have such a significant effect on males

This is one of the reasons why keeping a journal may have such a significant effect on males. Suicide is the single most common cause of death for men between the ages of 20 and 49.

When men experience depression, they are more likely to bottle up their emotions and avoid seeking professional assistance, which is a contributing factor to the problem. Only 55% of males will confide in another person when they are feeling depressed, in contrast to the 67% of women who will do so. This is beginning to change, and more and more guys, including Rio Ferdinand, Professor Green, and Prince Harry, are speaking out against it.

Even though this work is extremely vital, there are still a lot of men in the world who might not be ready to talk about their experiences just yet and would rather keep things to themselves. The power of keeping a journal can be of great assistance in situations like these. It is the next stage, without seeming too revealing, where men can share in private the highs, lows, and all of their feelings that fall somewhere in between. Keeping a journal allows you to vent your emotions without the risk of being misunderstood or ridiculed.

senior man writing in a journal

My upbringing taught me to keep quiet about what was going on at home and, as a result, how I was feeling about it. I was unable to talk to my friends and family about the problems I was going through because I was too embarrassed. I was so disengaged from my feelings that I had no idea what I was thinking or how I was feeling at any given moment. Keeping a level head and moving on felt like the easiest course of action.

When my mother committed suicide, everything in my life shifted, and two years after her death, I had a nervous breakdown. When I was 19 years old and I still wasn't ready to communicate, my counselor suggested that I keep a journal instead of talking about my feelings.

After nine years, the notebook I kept has significantly impacted my life. It was the impetus I required, and as a result, I am now in a position to communicate, whenever I choose to do so, what is on my mind and how I am feeling.

Because the impacts have been so helpful, I've spent the past two years researching and constructing a distinctive kind of journal. It is a guided project that encourages guys to record their most private thoughts by providing them with a notebook that is full with questions and activities to complete. Each edition includes a "instruction manual" designed to encourage aspiring authors to freely express themselves in their writing.

When it comes to my personal writing, I do not hold myself to any particular standards or guidelines in the way that I write. I consider keeping a notebook to be therapeutic for my thoughts. I find that writing a few phrases down helps me when I have a headache, am apprehensive, or am feeling pressured. It may be in the evening, but it could also be first thing in the morning. I don't have set times.

man with journal thinking

I am not always in the mood to talk about how I am feeling; there are times when I would rather keep things to myself. And that's fine since I always have my journal with me.

If you’re a man, chances are you’ve had a journal or notebook at some point in your life. In fact, if you’re reading this post, chances are you still have one sitting on your desk right now.

But for the past few decades, women have been writing in journals and notebooks more often than men. Today, there are many reasons why men should consider taking up the habit of journaling. Perhaps first by buying a journal for men would be good way to kickstart your journey!

There are so many things that we write in our diary; we write our thoughts, we write our dreams, our worries, our achievements and everything.

If you are a guy then you probably don’t have such a diary. Well, it is not wrong because guys are more practical than girls, but as a guy if you want to create a diary for yourself then these are the 6 ways that will make your diary more interesting.

1) Take note of your hobbies and interests

Do you like traveling? Or do you like spending time with friends and family? Write down all the things that you like and write down your thoughts on what you like. Do it regularly to know how you changed over the time.

2) Write about the things that happened

This is a great idea if you are looking for inspiration. Write down your daily tasks and make a list of all the important things that happened in your life.

man daily journaling

3) Keep a record of your thoughts

Write down all the negative and positive thoughts that happen in your life. Write down what makes you happy and what makes you feel sad.

4) Make a list of your fears and concerns

It will be a great idea if you can make a list of your fears and worries and what are your reasons for them. It will surely help you to be aware of what you are afraid of.

5) Record your goals

Your goals are the ones that make you happy. Write down your goals and be determined that you will achieve them.

6) Record your achievements

You can write about your school, college or any other place where you achieved something. Make a note of the things that you did and how it made you feel.


Journaling is one of the best ways to express yourself and to reflect your thoughts. Writing about your goals and aspirations will make you more confident and it will also boost your self-esteem. So, make a list of your goals and start writing about them.

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