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7 Luxury Notebooks That Will Excite You To Write More Passionately

When your writing is clear, consistent and pretty, you will subconsciously care more about what you write and how often you journal.   The style and durability of the notebook is also an important factor to consider.

If you wish to write down ideas while travelling, you’ll need a book that is made to stand the test of time. Choose a notebook that has a leather cover to protect your thoughts, ideas and daily accounts from coffee and tea stains, and high page density to ensure your pages don’t look scruffy if you keep your journal in your bag.

Best Journal For Fountain Pens from LeStallion

LeStallion Fountain Pen Journal

LeStallion Soft Cover PU Leather Journals comes in 120GSM fountain pen friendly paper, that has been battle tested to be compatible for fountain pen use! The paper is anti-ghosting, and anti-bleed-through, making it the perfect journal for fountain pen users, and one of the best notebooks for fountain pens.