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Where do you put a fountain pen when not in use?

January 12, 2023 7 min read

Where do you put a fountain pen when not in use?

The fountain pen was brought in by a new customer about a week ago. They had dug down in the bottom of an old moving box before discovering the fountain pen. Who can say how long the object had been in that spot? They first looked up ways to clean it on Google, and then they headed into Paper Papier to get some ink. Just before we left the store, we had a conversation about the several kinds of paper that the customer may use with their pen, such as Rhodia and Clairefontaine. The final question, which was also the most crucial one, was "How do you store a fountain pen?"

Why fountain pens are not allowed in airplanes?

Why Is It So Important to Properly Store a Fountain Pen?

limited edition fountain pen made by Lamy.

The correct storage of fountain pens is a crucial component of their care and upkeep. Incorrect storage can result in damage to various elements of the pen, since the ink might dry out and cause harm. When a pen is left on its nib for an extended period of time, the nib might become damaged. Additionally, environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, as well as movement, can all have an effect on the quality of your pen.

The Basics of Storing Fountain Pens

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It is advisable to keep a fountain pen out of the direct sunshine and in a place that is cool and dry if at all possible. It is possible to hold the pen in a horizontal position or with the nib pointed upward. When going on a trip, it is essential to have a storage container, and the ink reservoir should either be fully empty or completely full.

How Long Should a Fountain Pen Be Kept in Storage?

It is not necessary to empty the reservoir of the fountain pen if it is going to be put away for a few days; however, you should make sure the nib is clean before putting it away. By doing so, you will reduce the risk of the ink drying out on the nib or flowing into the cap of the pen. You may read more about how to clean your fountain pen in our blog post titled "The Dos and Don'ts for Taking Care of Your Fountain Pen" if you are interested in gaining more knowledge about the process.

In addition to that, we have compiled the following chart for you regarding storage:

What is the best way to store my fountain pen?

Putting the Cap on Your Fountain Pen
After the nib has been thoroughly cleaned, the cap should be fastened over it in a safe manner. The process of capping, which is sometimes referred to as posting, requires that the cap be gently pressed into place until it can go no further or until there is a "click" as it settles into place. Capping is also known as posting.

Where exactly should I keep my fountain pen's cap?

Placement for Fountain Pens in Storage
It's less about where to store it and more about where not to store it. The nib-down position should never be used since it might cause the nib to become damaged and causes ink to pool. It is recommended that you either store the nib of your fountain pen vertically or horizontally for the greatest results. Although it is largely up to you, there are a few things you should think about before making a decision.

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avoid storing the nib of your fountain pen in a downward position.

In the event that your fountain pen is devoid of ink, you can use either position successfully. Depending on whether or not your pen still contains ink, you may have different options for how to store it. This is because when the pen is being loaded with ink, placing it in the horizontal position keeps the nib moist and prevents gravity from drawing the ink into the feeder, nib, and cap of the pen. Because of this, the possibility of leakage is significantly reduced, and as soon as you take your pen out of storage, it will be ready for use. fountain pen with the nib facing up or horizontally.

When held in a vertical posture, a fountain pen that has been filled with ink allows gravity to drag the ink to the back of the pen, away from the nib and cap of the pen. You won't have to deal with any leakages, and neither your feeders nor your nibs will be harmed or clogged in any way. One disadvantage of putting your pen away for storage is that it won't be ready to write with right away. A few seconds are going to pass before the ink is going to go into the nib.

Why Does a Fountain Pen Spill When You Use It?

According to the information that was provided to us by a fountain pen expert, "Fountain pens don't leak unless there is anything wrong with them that you've caused." Even while this is definitely the case with the assistance of gravity, the situation is somewhat more difficult.

Temperature, sunshine, and humidity can have an effect on fountain pens, just like they can have an effect on nearly anything else. Because of this, it is imperative that you choose a suitable spot to put your pen away in. In the event that your pen gets too hot, the air contained within the cartridge will expand, which may result in the pen leaking.

How to Travel with a Fountain Pen My question is about how to travel with a fountain pen.

There are a few things to think about if you adore your fountain pen to the point that you want to bring it with you when you travel. Because of the shift in height and, consequently, the change in pressure, the volume of air within the pen has increased. In addition to heat, this can also cause the ink to spill as it is being forced out of the reservoir and into the nib of the pen.

You should do all in your power to steer clear of a nasty pen accident when you're in the air. If you want to use your fountain pen while you're flying, it's better to hold off using it until the aircraft has reached a stable altitude first.

Advice for Bringing Your Fountain Pen on an Adventure

If you are not going to use it on the flight or in the immediate time that follows, you should entirely empty it of ink.
OR pack it to the utmost capacity. This will assist in preventing the reservoir from being overly pressurized due to the accumulation of air.

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If it is still full of ink, you should store it in a vertical position with the nib facing upward. This will assist in preventing leaks from occurring.
In a plastic bag that is sealed, you should keep it isolated from any other items.
Keeping it in a specialized carrying case inside of the plastic bag is an even better option.

Display Cases for Fountain Pens and Pens Stored in Fountain Pen Cases

There are a variety of containers designed specifically for storing fountain pens, including leather pen cases, travel cases, display cases, and storage boxes.

Box for Storing

Boxes of this type are typically horizontal and rectangular in shape, and their interiors can be lined with a wide variety of fabrics, including felt, cotton flannel, or even suede. Velvet should be avoided because it often contains strands of nylon, which are abrasive to the finish of a fountain pen and should be avoided.

Display Case

This is a wonderful method to display the fountain pens that you have in your collection. There is frequently a glass panel for viewing purposes. Be wary of direct sunlight, as it might act like a magnifying glass and cause irreparable harm to your pen.

Case for the Transportation of Your Fountain Pen

Small and typically crafted from leather, a travel pen for your fountain pen is typically compact. Wood and plastic are two more materials that can be used. The only function they provide is to safeguard your pen, and while they may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option, they do what they were designed to do. The interior is typically lined with suede or felt, and there is typically a strap to secure the pen in place. There was no motion when we were in flight. Because of their manageable size, they may be stored in the back pocket or readily packed into a travel bag.casing for a fountain pen

Elegant gold plated business fountain pen

Leather Casing for Fountain Pens

They look better than other travel cases and are lined with a soft cloth to avoid damage while in transport, making them an essential purchase for anyone who are truly passionate about fountain pens.

Take a look at our assortment of fountain pens if all of this talk about these writing implements has peaked your interest in them, and if you're curious about how you, too, may take pleasure in mastering the art of properly storing them. There is something here to fit every taste and every wallet.

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