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Why fountain pens are not allowed in airplanes?

January 16, 2023 7 min read

Why fountain pens are not allowed in airplanes?

It was only a matter of time before people began to question the rationale behind the prohibition on the use of fountain pens on airplanes. This is because an increasing number of people are being required to travel for work, and an increasing number of people are also beginning to use fountain pens rather than ballpoint or rollerball pens. We have decided to publish this dedicated article in the hope that we will be able to assist as many of our readers as possible. Since there are a number of myths surrounding air travel and fountain pens, we have made the decision to publish this article in an effort to dispel some of the more widely held beliefs.

Now, before we go any further, we just want to point out that there are a lot of different restrictions when it comes to air travel, and these regulations may originate from either government organizations or the airlines themselves. This is important to keep in mind as we continue. Contacting the airline that you are considering flying with and asking for advice on whether or not you are allowed to bring your fountain pen with you on your plane journey is the best course of action to take. The airline will have the most up to date information and will be able to provide you with the most accurate guidance.

Can you journal with a fountain pen?

In addition to this, certain airlines may have different guidelines for long-haul and short-haul flights since various air frames fly at different altitudes or function with different cabin pressure systems. This may be the case. On top of this, government agencies such as the TSA do frequently change the recommended items that you can and cannot travel with depending on the current thread level. As a result, the information that we have provided in the article that follows may not be accurate by the time you are scheduled to fly.

Is It Possible To Take A Fountain Pen Onboard An Airplane?

As was mentioned up top, the airline that you are flying with in addition to the government regulations of the country that you are flying from as well as the country that you are flying to will both play a role in determining whether or not you will be able to travel with your fountain pen without running into any problems. You should be able to fly with it and not run into any formal difficulties due to having your pen as long as you are just attempting to fly with a conventional fountain pen. If you do this, you should be able to fly with it.

a fountain pen surrounded by airplane model
The airlines are aware that they transport a big number of businesspeople who are traveling for work-related reasons, and that many of these passengers will want to bring their favorite pens with them when they fly. We have seen several airlines restrict their passengers from traveling with fountain pens because of the pressure concerns that might cause the pen to leak while the passenger is in the air; however, we shall explore this topic in more depth later in the article.
Because a pen is a self-defense device that may be used as a weapon, the usage of tactical pens is the primary concern that we consistently come across when it comes to passengers carrying pens on airplanes. When you attempt to board an airplane in many countries, a tactical pen will be taken from you and confiscated, and you may even be denied access to the plane entirely; however, a standard fountain pen should not have any problems of this kind.

Are You Carrying Fountain Pens in Your Carry-On Luggage?

We have noted that several airlines particularly encourage that their passengers attempt to keep any fountain pens that they do wish to travel with in their carry-on baggage rather than their hold luggage. This is because certain airlines charge extra fees for checked luggage that contains fountain pens. Although the answer to this question will depend on the airline, airframe, and altitude that the aircraft will be travelling at, the problem is often caused by the fact that the hold of the plane is not pressurized during flight while the cabin is pressurized.

Travel concept. Composition with passport

Because you will have your carry-on baggage in the pressurized cabin of the aircraft with you, this will reduce the likelihood of any pressure-related problems that may cause the pen to leak or get damaged. Having said that, despite the fact that the cabin is pressurized, it is still possible for it to create some small difficulties with some fountain pens. However, these issues are often extremely simple to repair and do not typically result in any long-term damage or problems with your fountain pen.

Why does a fountain pen start leaking when you take it on an aircraft that is flying at a high altitude?

The pressure inside an airplane is far lower than the atmospheric pressure on the surface of the earth, which is the primary factor that might cause your fountain pen to leak when you are traveling by plane. Despite the fact that humans are able to sense this little change, the fact that it is biological matter indicates that it does not have a significant impact on us. However, it may have an impact on the piston filler or ink cartridge mechanism of your fountain pen.

The best course of action to take before travelling with an airline is to fully empty your piston filler. Doing so eliminates the ink from the pen, ensuring that there is nothing in the pen that might cause it to leak while you are in the air. The next best thing you can do is make sure that your pen's ink cartridge or piston filler is completely full with ink and contains very little air. This will guarantee that the pen is less susceptible to damage from pressure shifts while it is in transit.

fountain pen and envelope of cost of travel prepared for the trip

If your fountain pen's piston filler or ink cartridge is only halfway filled or if there is a big air gap in it, this is the worst possible condition for your pen to be in while flying on an airplane. This is because the air pressure fluctuates throughout takeoff, cruising, and landing, increasing the likelihood that the ink in the pen will be forced into the ink route, resulting in a leak. This increases the likelihood that the ink will leak. Even in the cabin, there is still the possibility of this happening; thus, it is important to bear in mind that just because you have your fountain pen in your carry-on baggage does not guarantee that it will not have any problems while traveling.
There is an extra possible problem that might arise while traveling with some fountain pens, namely those whose caps, when closed, establish a good solid seal with the barrel of the pen. When you open the fountain pen to use it on the plane, all of this changes, and the rapid chance of pressure can cause an excessive amount of ink to spill from the nib of the pen. However, this can help to protect the pen throughout the pressure changes and help it get through the flight without any problems.

How Should One Carry A Fountain Pen While Traveling?

If you have a modern fountain pen with a cap that can form a solid seal on the barrel of the pen to protect it from pressure changes, then the vast majority of the time you should be able to fly with your fountain pen and not end up having any issues at all. This is especially true if you have a modern fountain pen with a cap that can form a solid seal on the barrel of the pen. Additionally, we suggest that you bring your fountain pen with you in your carry-on baggage if at all feasible; however, you should verify this information with the airline beforehand.

origami paper plane and black fountain pen
Because the cabin is pressurized throughout the flight and experiences much smaller fluctuations in pressure than the hold does the majority of the time, transporting your fountain pen in your carry-on luggage can help to reduce the likelihood that it will experience any significant problems as a result of the pressure changes. Also, if it is at all feasible, attempt to empty the ink from your fountain pen. If this is not possible, then try to ensure that the piston filler or cartridge is completely filled and there is no air gap. This will help lessen the likelihood of any problems occurring.


This comes to a conclusion our article that discussed whether or not you are permitted to travel with a pen, as well as the reasons why some fountain pens may not be allowed on aircraft. Even while you should be OK and be able to fly with your fountain pen without any problems the vast most of the time, we would always suggest that you check with the airline before to departure to make sure that this is the case. If you follow our advice and suggestions from above, you will reduce the likelihood that you will have any problems with ink leaking, and you will also guarantee that your fountain pen will not ruin anything else that you have packed in your carry-on baggage.

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