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Are fountain pens making a comeback?

January 12, 2023 10 min read

Are fountain pens making a comeback?

The use of fountain pens is on the rise again. Popular from the 1920s through the 1950s, they were first developed in the 1880s. Although once widely used, their use has declined due to the widespread availability of cheaper and more practical ballpoint pens. After all, fountain pens were unwieldy and inconvenient to use back then. People wanted something simpler to use and tidier because ink splatters during writing, ink-covered fingertips, and ink leaks are all too common.

More and more people are going back to using fountain pens again now that the technology has advanced enough that they no longer bleed ink. One could wonder what has changed about fountain pens that makes them so popular now.

Why are fountain pens not popular?

The influence of nostalgia is possible. Consider the recent upsurge in popularity of all things retro and dated. However, nostalgia isn't the only factor at play here. We'll look at why fountain pens are making a comeback and why you should consider making the move.

You can write quickly and efficiently with their help.

Everyone who uses a fountain pen will tell you it's because it's so easy to write with, and they're probably right. To write with a fountain pen is to experience a level of smoothness that standard pens can't even approach.

It is important to use a firm hand when writing with a ballpoint pen and to not miss lines, which might cause the letters to be unreadable. To get a good, saturated line, you may need to apply a lot of pressure. Just think how taxing that would be, even if you just did it for a short time. If you already have to sit down and write a page, imagine having to write many pages at once! Using regular pens can tire out your hands after a while.

A fountain pen will eliminate this issue.

The nib, or writing end, of the pen is designed to facilitate a steady stream of ink onto the paper. You may now produce legible writing without straining your hand. If you let it, your pen will do all the hard work, and your hand will only be its guide. Therefore, a fountain pen is the most comfortable writing instrument to use for extended periods of time without experiencing any discomfort in the hands.

Writing with a ballpoint pen requires more work because of the pen's thin grip and lightweight construction. Additionally, this can cause hand strain. As with many other aspects, fountain pens excel in this one as well.

Fountain Pen on Written Page
The majority of fountain pens have a diameter between 10 and 14 millimeters, making them comfortable to grasp. In contrast to the lightweight plastic of ballpoint pens, the barrels of these are made to last. The extra heft of a fountain pen means more control, which in turn allows for a more pleasant writing experience.

Writing using a fountain pen reduces hand tiredness, which is why they are making a comeback.

You can use them to hone your cursive writing skills.

Writing in cursive is made easier with a fountain pen, which is a perk for many people. A fountain pen is your best friend in the quest to master your cursive handwriting.

The ink doesn't flow as smoothly as a fountain pen and there's a lot of friction on paper, but it's not impossible to write in cursive with a ballpoint pen. Webson Gill ink, like the majority of fountain pen inks, is water-based, meaning it lays smoothly on paper and produces fully saturated lines. Without even moving your hand from the page, writing is a breeze.

Additionally, unlike a ballpoint pen, a fountain pen's single nib can produce a wide range of line widths. It's possible to make neat, thin lines without smudging them by applying any pressure to the paper. Your nib's pliability will determine how much pressure you need to get thicker lines. The combination of the fine upward strokes and large downward strokes possible with a fountain pen makes for exceptionally attractive cursive writing.

While any pen will do, a fountain pen will provide the most comfort and provide the best experience for writing in cursive.

You may personalize your fountain pen.

The ability to personalize fountain pens is another selling point.

Changing the ballpoint pen's casing is about as far as customization goes. Stickers, or engraving if the barrel is metal, can be applied to personalize the firearm. But I think that covers it.

Furthermore, you'll need to buy a separate ballpoint pen for each line width if you wish to draw finer or thicker lines. If you wish to write in several colors, you'll also need to buy multiple pens of the same hue. Finally, the ink that comes with ballpoint pens isn't something you can pick out.

But you can't make that claim about a fountain pen. Plenty of personalization choices are made available to you.

Some fountain pens have interchangeable nibs, allowing you to switch between fine and broad lines with a single pen. If the nib on your pen is too rigid, you can swap it out for one that bends more easily to draw different thicknesses of line.

Writing in multiple hues with a single fountain pen is also possible. Simply have a supply of alternative cartridges or converters on hand, and switch them out as needed to use a new hue. You should probably wash your pen in between color changes to avoid any unwanted blending.

Close-up of fountain pen and book

Several varieties of ink are available for your use. Water-based inks are the standard and can save you money if you don't have any special printing needs. They can be removed quickly and easily with water, are cheap, and are simple to apply. Pigment-based inks are a good alternative if you're looking for something that won't be erased if your notebook gets wet.

Customizing a fountain pen to your specific writing needs is a great way to make it your go-to writing tool. Even though you'll have to spend a pretty penny on one, rest assured that you'll get your monies' worth.

Longevity is a hallmark of fountain pens.

The lifespan of a fountain pen is another factor that justifies the high cost of buying one. A fountain pen can outlive its owner quite often. Some pens that have been passed around for decades and are still functioning perfectly.

Webson Gill, like many other pen manufacturers, offers high-quality fountain pens with barrels made of brass, chrome, and/or wood. A fountain pen will last you a long time unless you treat it roughly. It has a long useful life ahead of it.

It's not just how you use it, but how you care for it, that determines how long your fountain pen will last. Regular washing and cleaning, for instance, will keep ink from drying out and clogging the feeder/possibly ruining the nib.

The reusability of fountain pens is furthered by the fact that they may be refilled. However, a regular pen's useful life is shortened when the ink runs out.

It's not uncommon to pay double or even triple the price for a fountain pen compared to a regular ballpoint. Considering the cost of replacing a lost pen, it's in your best interest to keep it safe at all times. Don't lose your fountain pen unless you really want to be wasteful with your cash. No way, no how!

realistic vector fountain pen icons

One of the main reasons why people choose fountain pens is because of how long they last.

If you're looking for environmentally friendly pens, look no further.

Long-term, fountain pens are also better for the planet than other types of writing implements.

The ink cartridges of fountain pens are typically replaceable. When the ink runs dry, all you have to do is grab your ink bottle and start writing again. Depending on how often you fill your pen, one of these bottles can last a whole month. In this way, you may save ink for when you really need it.

Not all fountain pens are refillable with a standard ink cartridge, and it may not be the most eco-friendly choice to purchase a large quantity of cartridges to use in your pen. After all, cartridges are constructed from minute plastic components that are notoriously challenging to recycle. However, these fountain pens are a niche product. Converters allow the cartridge refill system in most pens to be reused. Issue resolved!

However, you have to throw away your regular pen and buy a new one when the ink runs out. It's certain that you'll misplace several pens along the way, so don't feel bad about it. These pens add to the ever-growing mountain of garbage that humans produce.

An additional benefit of using a fountain pen is the durable nib. Ink fountain pen nibs have been known to endure for ten years or more with regular cleaning and care, but if yours doesn't, you can always get a new one. If you compare that to throwing away an entire pen, it's a more eco-friendly option.

In light of recent events, it's more important than ever to make choices that minimize their impact on the environment, and that includes the pen you use. Switching from a standard pen to a fountain pen is a great way to show that you care about the environment.

For the budget-conscious, a fountain pen is the best option.

The same features that make a fountain pen friendly to the environment also make it a durable choice for everyday use.

To begin, a fountain pen's longevity reduces the frequency with which you'll need to replace it. Just get more ink when you need it! A 30 ml bottle can last for months, even with frequent refills, which can help you save a lot of money. Think about the money you'll save over the course of several years by investing in a single fountain pen and a bottle of ink instead of multiple boxes of standard pens.

You may get bottles of colored ink if you wish to experiment with different pen colors. The necessity to constantly replace pens because you ran out of ink is unnecessary. A fountain pen with a broad nib and the proper ink can also serve as a highlighter. That is so handy.

Finally, we already established that nibs have a long lifespan and rarely need to be replaced. They can sustain everyday use because of the durability of their stainless steel or gold construction. Your fountain pen's nib should endure at least ten to twenty years of regular use. Even if it does, though, you can save money by replacing only the nib rather than the entire pen.

Considering all these advantages, a fountain pen is the better long-term investment than any other type of pen.

They not only make you feel fantastic, but also look beautiful.
This may not be quite as important as the other reasons we've discussed, but it's still something to keep in mind.

Let's be honest: most ballpoint pens lack the elegance of a fountain pen. Some fountain pens include barrels made of acrylic or resin in pastel colors; however, the most typical construction is a brass or chrome barrel in either basic colors like black and blue, or more elaborate hues like gold and silver. Webson Gill's Captain Edition pen is made with a wooden barrel, which isn't common for everyday pens but has a timeless aesthetic.

old paper and pen

Some fountain pens come with fancy packaging, such as cases or boxes, to keep them safe when not in use.

Possessing one of these pens may also boost the owner's social standing. If you use a fountain pen at work or school, for example, people will assume that you take what you do very seriously and are an expert in your field.

Because of their high price, some people consider fountain pens to be a sign of social rank. Because not everyone is ready to spend a lot on a pen, having a fountain pen will make people take notice and give you a sense of accomplishment.

The Downsides

We've looked at some of the advantages and cons of fountain pens, and it's clear why some people are starting to favor them.

One problem with writing quickly is that most inks don't dry quickly, so smudged lines are likely if you use a fountain pen.

Unfortunately, fountain pens are also extremely pricey. There are a lot of cheap fountain pens out there; you may get one for twenty dollars or less. However, pens of superior quality, such as those made by Webson Gill and other manufacturers, tend to be more expensive. A high-quality fountain pen can cost several hundred dollars, but it will serve you well for many years to come.

Finally, it's important to take care of your fountain pen's upkeep. Regular cleaning is required to prevent nib damage and feeder clogging caused by dried ink. Also, you may need to sometimes lubricate your ink system. Using a fountain pen may seem like more work than using a ballpoint pen because of the lack of upkeep required by the former.

However, these drawbacks hardly constitute deal-breakers. After all, the time required for ink to dry between lines of text is little. It's better for your hand health to take your time when writing, as you won't be tempted to scribble furiously. To prevent smudges, you can simply increase the line spacing. Second, they offer superior writing ability, superior construction, and longer lifespan than ballpoint pens at a reasonable price. Finally, cleaning your pens on a regular basis can seem like a burden at first, but you'll soon come to dread it.

Concluding Ideas

It's hard to imagine someone who doesn't like using a fountain pen. You couldn't ask for a better pen. Absolutely agree with that statement. Today's shopper is more discerning than ever before. Given the importance of that consideration in consumer decisions, it's easy to see why more and more people are switching from ballpoint pens to fountain pens.

They are easy on the hands and might help you become a better writer. They are adaptable to your specific requirements, and they have a lower environmental impact. You can save money in the long run by purchasing a fountain pen, which makes it a worthwhile purchase. Last but not least, its high-end construction might elevate your status.

A fountain pen might become your new best friend if you wish to enjoy all these benefits and have fun writing with one.

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