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Why are fountain pens not popular?

January 16, 2023 4 min read


Why are fountain pens not popular?

They have no idea what they are passing up in their lives.

When compared to the traditional quills, the fountain pen, which has been around for close to three hundred years, represents a significant advancement. The need to continuously submerge the instrument in ink was eradicated, and the use of blotters was cut down significantly.

The vast majority of individuals have never tried writing with a fountain pen, therefore they have no idea what it's like. Whenever I go to meetings, there is always at least one person who notices the "strange" pen that I'm using and makes a remark about it.

Can you journal with a fountain pen?

Anything is frequently a waste of time to let them do it without first providing them with some training. They need me to demonstrate how to properly grip it. If the point of the pen is not properly positioned, the writing on the paper will be a scratchy mess.

Metal fountain pen with men's luxury cufflinks

There is a piece here that discusses all of the issues that are associated with fountain pens. Some of the statements are accurate, while others are not. Many consumers will not proceed with the purchase because of the negative aspects. A sign of success in my book is having fingertips that are smeared with ink. It used to worry me, but now I've become used to it and accept it.

While I've been writing, Mont Blanc has been serving as my witness!

It is a well-known fact that people who write with their left hands have a difficult time using fountain pens. I am not aware of any solution to that problem. My hand shakes too much to be able to keep it off the paper in the manner that you may see other expert authors doing sometimes.

Although I have had a few of fountain pens stolen from me, I have never once lost a single one. It is less probable that you will forget to take one of these pens with you because of how precious they are. I am familiar with the location of my pens, much as I am with my vehicle keys.
bright green fountain pen

You just won't find a ballpoint that is as sophisticated as this one, and let's be honest: even if you did lose it, you wouldn't have cared.

The following are some responses to the criticisms that have been leveled against fountain pens:

In contrast to the hundreds of ballpoint pens that you have already misplaced or used up, a single fountain pen may last you the rest of your life.
Good pens don't spill. Even the most affordable Lamy won't leak, and it will start up without a hitch even after years of being dormant. When I got out of jail, I discovered that my first Lamy had been kept in perfect working order during my absence. The vast majority of the ballpoints couldn't even claim that; they are just more waste for the garbage.
Writing with a fountain pen is a delightful experience. The ink does not just leave a mark on the surface of the paper as a ballpoint does; rather, it permeates the fibers of the paper, leaving an indelible imprint.

Close-up of businessman in suit writing on notebook on desk.
Using a fountain pen will immediately improve the appearance of your handwriting. If your handwriting is as awful as mine, all you need to do is switch to using a fountain pen, and it will immediately seem much bolder, deeper, and even more readable.

Putting ink in a pen is a hassle that many people would rather avoid, that much is certain. Me? I can't wait to get a new ink cartridge for my pen!

contract with fountain pen on rustic wooden desk.

There are so many pens, but there is so little time!

The unfortunate fact that the use of any form of pen, including fountain pens, has decreased is still another reason why fountain pen use has decreased. A letter sent in the good old days seems almost archaic in this day and age when we communicate almost exclusively via technological gadgets.

It certainly shouldn't. It's possible for a letter to convey considerably more emotion than a text message or tweet ever could.

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