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"This is a beautiful light blue PU leather journal. Although it is not real leather, everything about this journal is lovely"
Laurie- LeStallion Customer


A5 Hardcover Journal Notebook - Light Blue Faux Leather

A5 Hardcover Journal Notebook - Light Blue Faux Leather

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Perforated Pages

Every page can be easily torn off when you need

You wont need to use it often,

But when you do, you can easily tear the page out - to give to someone else, or for your own keep sake.

And thats ... convenient!

Metallic Trinket Bookmark

A Touch of Class and Sophistication

The trinket uniquely stands out, whilst the notebook is lying on the table.

Striking attention as something you don't see everyday.

Back Pocket

Convenient Storage space for when you're on the go

Life will always throw random pieces of paper, notes, business cards, bills and letters you way!

Keep your bag free from clutter and crumpled paper, by stashing them in your journals back pocket!

Elastic Pen Loop

Conveniently Carry your pen with you at all times

Sometimes you just dont want to carry a bulky pencil case around.

Rest assured, if your notebook is around, then there can always be a pen ready to write with!

Elastic Closure

Keeps your notebook tightly shut, protected, and compact

Keep your pages protected, without it accidentally crumpling and bending when carrying it inside our bag.

Keep it also compressed and shut, without letting it expand and taking up extra space.

Numbered Pages

So you know which page has your most important notes

We know the hardcore journallers stay organized by manually marking down numbers page by page!

With built in page numbers, now you can alleviate that most tedious task, and comfortably go straight into writing!

Table Of Contents

This is where your legacy is saved and organized, for future re-viewing

Stay organized by indexing all the important pages of your notebook!

Combined with our built in numbered pages, now you can easily find the page you are looking for. Now, and years later on!

Padded Faux Leather

Creates a satisfying authentic leather touch feeling

Unlike other standard cardboard-like hardcover notebooks,

When you hold a LeStallion journal, you will instantly feel the difference, of our signature padded hard cover,

that has that premium leather touch feel, without it being real leather.

Deluxe Slipcase

Can make for a great idea for a gift too!

Nicely presented in a beautiful slipcase, making sure your notebook is safely protected upon delivery.

But also making a great gift idea for that someone special as well!

Raise the standards of your journal notebook, and in turn raise the momentum towards achieving your success

Other Colors In This Design

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