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Yngrid Eilis Reviews LeStallion Journals

October 08, 2021 6 min read

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Hey there welcome! Today i have an exciting video. I am doing a review, well an unboxing, a review of these three LeStallion notebooks.

As a little background. They reached me through my instagram account and asked me if i would like to do a review on their notebooks. They did not pay me for this review. This is not a sponsored review.

They asked me if i wanted to check them out and i was happy to do so because that's what i do. I love trying out new notebooks, experimenting with new stationery and second of all, i have heard of this brand of this brand from another youtuber. I saw her review. You will see her name somewhere in the screen. I had seen her review and i was very curious about these notebooks.

I actually wanted to try them as an alternative, to moleskine or to Leuchtturm. So i was super happy with that when they asked me if i wanted to do a review!


so here i'm going to do first, the inbox unboxing and share my first impressions for a more in-depth review. I think it will take time using the notebook. seeing how it holds up, so i will do a follow-up video on how i feel with the the notebook after some months using it.

Well, this is how they arrive. They come with these wrapping. Each one of them comes inside a box.

So these three are A5 notebooks. This soft texture cover is faux leather. It's a vegan alternative if you don't like leather.

The paper weight is 120gsm, so it is the same paperweight as the newer Leuchtturms.

LeStallion Notebook Features


So it has this

  • bookmark with this metallic plate.
  • Ivory colored paper.
  • It has 216 pages Compared to Leuchtturm's 120gsm notebooks have 205, so this one has 11 more pages.
  • So this one has 216 ivory colored pages
  • built-in table of contents.

That's why i'm comparing it with a

Leuchtturms. I see more similarities with the Leuchtturm than with moleskin. So far this could be a good alternative for the


  • Number pages bottom corner
  • ribbon work bookmark with a metallic charm.
  • It has a back pocket and paper. Note storage. So that's a back pocket
  • and it lays flat it's a threaded notebook.

The brand is from Australia. I will have the link to their website on the description below, but you can also find them on Amazon.


Let me open all three of them. I think they sent me three different colors

So this is the desert brown. This one is a cocoa brown or garano. They have like the colors have their own names, and this one is black. When i check their website, i think they have their notebooks in four colors, so these three colors and there's a lighter one that has like a more creamy tone.

LeStallion Notebook 3 Colors


Like i mentioned, this is an Australian brand. So here's kind of the philosophy of the brand kind of okay to write down your goals. It says we believe that goals can be achieved with a simple act of writing. It down write down your three to six month. Goals leave this card in the back pocket of this book.

Take out to review your goals once a week see how far you've achieved every month. So this is where you write like a three month plan and a six month plan. That'S cute! 

Okay! Looking at the notebook like i mentioned, this is a stitched notebook.

For the purpose of the review. I will move this to the side.

LeStallion Journal Inserts

First Impressions

So it does open flat. The lines are like little dashes is not a straight line. I guess that could be useful if you want to make a grid, you can follow the spaces between the lines. I

It has these top and bottom margins number of pages, and here is a table of contents. It has one two three four four pages for your index and that's it and here's the back pocket. It has this kind of cardstock on both ends.

I actually like this notebook.

I like the detail of the little of the horse in here. I'm loving the charm that they have here. So if you wanted two ribbons or two bookmarks, i guess you could cut this ribbon in half, because it's one ribbon folded, so you could have two ribbons or leave it as it is.

LeStallion Journal Logo Closeup


The paper feels big-ish, but not as thick as the Leuchtturm, i think about the same

The shade of the paper. It is creamier than the newer, 120gsm notebook. Let me compare it to a regular Leuchtturm. Yeah it's creamier than the regular Leuchtturm and creamier than Moleskine, like more yellowish, I guess that's the right word.

The edges have their brown color. I think this is like a signature feature of the design. They advertise their notebooks as leather writing journals for fountain pens.

The paper usually prefer smoother paper to be honest, but it doesn't feel bad yeah. It has like a kind of a dryish feel, but that's just me being nitpicky, because i think it's a very good notebook.

But i guess the only cons i would find personally is that i like very smooth paper with a very smooth finish, and i prefer not the pages to be not be too yellow. But if that's not an issue for you, this could be a good alternative to the long term and moleskine comparing prices on amazon.

LeStallion Dashed Line Paper


These ones are $20 and the Leuchtturm, I'm comparing with the 120 gsm paper because i'm trying to compare with something similar.

So the Leuchtturm notebook with 120gsm paper is $23.50 on Amazon. So you have like a three dollar three plus difference between the two of them.

Leather Cover

Aside from that, if you like cover that looks nice on its own, i think they're doing a pretty good job um, i'm not an expert on leather, but i would have thought this was leather because of the how like this is almost suede? It's very soft. I hope the camera captures the texture of the notebook there. It is super soft. It is nice to the touch, and i do like the presentation of these notebooks compared to a plain cover.

So far, the one i like the most is the black one.

Pen Test

So let me try some pen tests on the back, so this is a fountain pen, like i mentioned they are advertised as leather writing journals for fountain pens.

So i'm guessing they're supposed to be very good with fountain pen. (I'm running low on ink, but yeah).

Actually, there's barely any ghosting with this one and i can see it, but i don't know if it's coming on like showing on camera. There's some ghosting like barely any of it yeah.

There is absolutely no feathering with the ink, which i think is a great thing. I hate when that happens to fountain pens.

Next, i have these. I think a pentel sign pen, another fountain pen, ballpoint pen. I wanted to check this because this particular pen this gives me issues with smearing um on most notebooks, but particularly the ones with a smoother surface. So i guess that could be an advantage with that dryer kind of paper when you have like this kind of ballpoint pen that makes it takes a while to dry.

And this one is a Le pen and i always like to try the sharpies. I know sharpies are always like it's very rare for a paper to not show it through. I think the only one with that happen is like the 160 gsm Archer and Olives, but it's not too bad if you like to use alcohol-based markers um.

LeStallion Pen Test


So those are my first impressions. What else i can say i think. They look well made. The stitching looks good, it does open nicely. They do have a nice feeling to touch i'm loving the charm.

I like the design, it's very formal, i guess, but it's the first word that comes to mind, like very formal. It looks nice.

Like i said my only issue, and that's very personal, is that i don't like my paper to be so yellow, but other than that, right now I don't have any complaints about this notebook! I will start using them and get back to you on how they perform with daily use.

I'm actually about to finish the Moleskine i was using for my daily pages.

In that one, I do my occasional watercolor.

I like to use fountain pens, so i guess in a month or two i'll get back to you to let you know how this notebook is performing.

But if you're looking for something with a little more design by itself without a cover, i think these ones have that going on for them.

I will leave the the link for their website and where you can find them on the description below, if you have any questions, go ahead and leave them in the comment section below, and i will do my best to get back to you and i hope You have a wonderful wonderful day, bye!

LeStallion Journal Review

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