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Ive never heard of LeStallion, so I gave them a spin

March 02, 2021 2 min read

Reddit Reviewer LeStallion

"I'd never heard of LeStallion, so I gave them a spin for notebook #3. For the price, I'm very impressed."

"I've been doing fountain pens for almost one full year now. I started with a craptastic old hand-bound journal with thick cotton pages that feathered to the point of illegibility. My now wife then bought me a bound journal of Tomoe River paper (and a bitching bespoke leather cover in the picture). I followed that up with an identical Tomoe journal because it wrote so well, but wanted to branch out. I also wanted more features in my journal like a Table of Contents, numbered pages, etc.

I stumbled on this LeStallion journal on the biggest river in the world website and was surprised by the list of features while still only being 20 bucks. I'm at a point in my fountain pen addiction that I have to try to not spend 20 bucks on a whim, so it was in my mailbox before I noticed the money was gone. I must admit I'm impressed. Most notably on the thickness of the paper. Granted, I'm coming off of Tomoe River, so everything feels THICC, but this creamy paper is about halfway between regular college notebook and thin cardstock. I was worried about bleeding, there is almost none unless I really blotch it (I guess it may be an issue for those who paint their pages more than I write). There is no discernible feathering, even with my thinnest ink. Full disclosure, everything I've used so far has been Noodler's, Diamine, or J.Herbin, and several of the last two have been shimmer inks.

I'm only posting this because I searched the sub and didn't find any reference to this brand. I'm curious if it really is as good as I think, or if I just haven't tried enough to have a good gauge of quality."




Best Journal For Fountain Pens from LeStallion

LeStallion Leather Notebook

LeStallion Soft Cover PU Leather Notebook comes in 120GSM fountain pen friendly paper, that has been battle tested to be compatible for fountain pen use! The paper is anti-ghosting, and anti-bleed-through, making it the perfect journal for fountain pen users, and one of the best notebooks for fountain pens.


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