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In Depth Review of LeStallion by Pei Pen Guy

November 28, 2022 6 min read

Hello everybody it's a a beautiful day here on Prince of Rhode Island, we're still recovering from Hurricane Fiona, but anyway, back to regular programming.

Recently I was contacted by a company in Australia and they asked me if I would like to take a look at some of their products, I'm not being paid for this review, but they did kindly send me along a couple of other notebooks. To look at,
So it's the company's name is LeStallion. Their motto is ungelded for success.
So it's a company, I believe it's existed for three years. It's located in Australia.
They have several different colors of notebooks. The ones that I chose were Ash Gray and Desert Brown. So we're going to take a look at them now.
Once again, these were sent to me kindly by the company. haven't been paid other than receiving these and I love you know this is a fountain pen Channel, but I really do love notebooks and stationery, and things like that.
First thing that I notice is they come in a nice slip case. I like that. Actually, there's a little cut out here, so you can reach in and grab the the book. It's just a simple cardboard, nice logo. On the back, there is just some information about the notebook. It's an A5 notebook.

Soft textured cover Brown page edges. 120 grams square meter thick paper, I'm not too sure what color, what what the brand of paper is. It's an ivory colored paper. It has a built-in table of contents, numbered Pages, ribbon, bookmark back pocket and it laying flat four sheets thread. Four sheets thread binding.

So this one is at Ash Gray and the other one is of course desert Brown. Pull them out of the out of the slip cases and your presented with an A5 notebook,
It's a faux leather case or a Cover, I should say feels very nice. I'm not too sure precisely what it's made of.
There's a an embossed logo on the lower right hand, corner of the front cover. That's quite nice detail they're a nice size notebook. I like how the end pages are along here are colored brown? That's quite nice. That's a nice little touch.
I have certain things I like in notebooks. One of the things I do like is numbered pages. I like a table of contents.

They have a little envelope at the back, an accordion style envelope folder, where you can put cards or photos or little mementos, and that's one of the things I really really look for in a notebook and they have that. And it's quite nicely made; it's a heavy cardstock by the feel of it and pages are nicely made. I like these end sheets.
Sometimes and there's these - I guess these can almost be considered props right here.
Are you still progressing? Moving toward your dream? Don't forget your bright future, who still patiently awaits; it's kind of a poem?
Stay the course rewrite down all your goals, Remain mount it on the quest and sit tall in the saddle.

These are sort of inspirational poem maybe a like journaling props.
So this is a dotted page or actually this is an aligned page. But when you look at it, there's little breaks in the line which is kind of interesting. So it's almost it's not a solid line.

I haven't actually come across that. As far as I know before, I don't really get a lot of line journals. I prefer dotted Matrix, but I like that, actually it kind of softens the line right, I'm kind of surprised, but that's that's nice. As I said there are lots of room for table of contents.
So you start off with page one and it runs to page 211. If you write an entry a day, you thought this thing will last you 211 days or if you write several Pages it could last you three to four months or less. You can write a book.
There's a nice little little ribbon here for marking your page and there's a weighted metal tag at here nicely bound threading. It seems to lay flat fairly well. I like that.
That's the the lined one and then this is the dotted Matrix, quite typical, of all dotted Matrix notebooks. But it looks nice.

I like how the the pages are a nice, warm off-white, almost cream color, yellow sort of an ivory color. They call it an ivory colored paper,
Wood-free hmm,That's the other thing. They say there. I wonder so: wood free that could be you know, made of almost any type of material, but that's nice to know 

Once again you have the envelope at the back, and I like that color. So this is the Ash Gray, and this is the desert Brown and I'm going to do a couple little things I actually had at the back here. It's got a quick little writing sample and I just want to see how it felt - and you know I'm looking for fountain pen friendly paper, so I'm going to use a couple different pens. I had already written once on it just when I got it and it seemed to work quite well. This is a very extra fine heart nib, "so quick brown fox jumps over lazy dog".

It's a nice heavyweight paper. Doesn't seem to be Feathering or anything like that. Well-behaved paper so far for fountain pens, which is a a must. I say - and this is a wetter pen than the Sailor - that I was just using right now. It's behaving very nicely not Feathering. I dries very nicely doesn't come through. That's good!
So using a medinib pen that was is fairly wet. My vintage Aurora 88p and a fine pen. My sailor progress extra fine, actually sailor Pro gear with different inks. Of course they it didn't seem to bleed. It behaved very well.
I'm going to try something I'm going to take a very, not ill-behaved ink, but an ink that takes a lot of time to dry, and that is of course, Apache sunset by noodlers. I had a I had this Inked Up in a vintage Eclipse pen and it almost it almost felt like it wasn't going to dry at all on the page.

So I'm just going to do an ink blot and see how quickly that dries, mostly because it literally doesn't dry, and we'll see how that works looks like it's dry, but I had used the Apache sunset in a very nice notebook. It was a nice notebook. Midori and Apache Sunset was the only ink on it that didn't dry it just well, it did dry. Eventually it took a surprising amount of time and looking at it, it's still quite wet right here within a few seconds. not like that was you know. Actually that's behaving very well.

It's not there's a little bit of bleed through, but that's being put down with with a Q-tip, and I have used that other notebooks and it's gone straight through on other notebooks. Sometimes so it's actually that's I'm going to say that's behaving quite well. You can see a little bit of bleed through and that was a heavy wet ink. That's still wet, and that does not surprise me, but actually it's  soaking in nicely it's drying. It'S not sitting on the surface of the paper, it seems to be absorbing.

I had on my Midori. It just seemed to sit on the surface of the ink of the paper, and it really you know all my other pens worked fine, but all my other inks worked fine. The patches, noodles Apache Sunset is famous for taking a long time to dry and that's actually that's dry now pretty much so that's that's actually decent. So anyway, there you have it um, thanks to Le Stallion.com for sending me the notebooks to look at, and I really look forward to doing some writing in them.

I'm going to keep this brown one. I think my partner Jane would love this one she's, a writer and a poet and writes more than I do so, and that's a very lovely color and I think she'll enjoy that so anyway.
So anyway, thank you to the LeStallion for sending these along. For me to look at. I always enjoy notebooks I'll, be getting more notebooks, of course, I'll be doing more reviews trying to get things back to normal around here very tired after Hurricane Fiona lots of cleanups to do our yard's pretty good Right now, the neighborhood is coming back together, there's still a lot of wreckage from trees that are down and still a lot of trees that have to be taken down because they're heavily damaged, but things are getting slowly back to normal anyway, 
I hope you have a great day and I'll talk to you soon.

Thank you very much. Bye-Bye

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