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Gentleman Reviewer - LeStallion Leather Journal Review

November 30, 2020 1 min read

Gentleman Reviewer

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LeStallion Journal Review

A few weeks ago, the founder of LeStallion Journal, Carlton, reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing his journals.

Since I am constantly using a journal–I actually regularly have 2-3 going at once–I immediately replied that I would be very interested in writing a review for him.

He told me a bit about his company and the inspiration behind its name, which I will get into later, and said he would send over two journals for me to review. A few days later, they were in my mailbox! 

Before I dive into the journals themselves, let’s talk about the company itself. LeStallion is inspired by the stallion horse, a male horse that is ungelded (not castrated) so it can reach its full potential. LeStallion’s website notes that male horses are often gelded so they become docile, well-behaved, and good workhorses.

Essentially, they succumb to the will of their owner and don’t rock the boat. The stallion, on the other hand, displays great potential from the start and is allowed to reach their full potential in life, unobstructed by the wills of those around him. ...


Best Journal For Fountain Pens from LeStallion

LeStallion Fountain Pen Journal

LeStallion Soft Cover PU Leather Journals comes in 120GSM fountain pen friendly paper, that has been battle tested to be compatible for fountain pen use! The paper is anti-ghosting, and anti-bleed-through, making it the perfect journal for fountain pen users, and one of the best notebooks for fountain pens.


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