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Amy from TheHoneyDare Talks about LeStallion!

October 31, 2022 2 min read

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This is a really cool journal! I'm often I'm not often impressed.. this one in particular impressed me and I will tell you why!

It's pretty unique, it feels amazing and it's made with vegan leather so it feels like real leather, but and it has that real leather look, but no animals were harmed; So that's pretty cool.

It comes with this really cool card, which asks you to write your goals.

"At LeStallion we believe that goals can be achieved with a simple act of writing it down."

So step one you write down your three to six month goals, and you write them on the back of this card.

So you've got three month plan and a six month plan.

And then you're gonna leave the card in the back pocket of this book!

You'll notice that I put this into the back pocket, and then you take out to review your goals once a week, and then each month you just see how far you've come!

So this is really kind of a goal planning notebook but you could use it for a number of things.

I'd like to thank LeStallion for sending this to me to review, I really appreciate it!

This is going to make a great collection. I love notebooks!

I actually have a new moon ritual that I do, where I write down my goals every single new moon. So I'm actually thinking I might turn this into my new moon ritual.. so I pretty like it!

On the inside it's got a really cool little thing here, it says:

"Are you still progressing moving towards your dreams
don't forget your bright future who still patiently awaits
time may have been lost and also your esteem
but giving up mustn't dwell within your mental state
stay the course rewrite down all your goals
remain mounted on the quest and sit tall in the saddle
grass is only greener when your success unfolds
don't remain stuck amongst the docile cattle
remember yourself from the best chapters of the page
when you were an ungelded stallion who still had balls
your potentials too large to remain in this cage
by now mediocrity shouldn't be inside your walls
it's time to gallop again set your efforts to double
promise to make your desires finally manifest
because whilst many will settle and get comfortable
you will stay focused on your path to Greatness."


So you can put your table of contents here so you can write down things, and then you can start writing in your book.

And it's even got page numbers down here so if you wanted to make this into like a recipe book or some kind.

I do a lot of oil recipes and stuff. Man I can think of like 20 things I want to use this for right now!

So um I might have to get another one! This is really really cool. You should definitely check it out!

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