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What journaling does to your brain?

December 14, 2022 5 min read

What journaling does to your brain?

At the very least, eerie visions of sticker-covered notebooks from your youth that were full with day-to-day recitations are likely to be running through your head at this point. Or perhaps you were more of the lock-and-key variety, hiding diaries in places you hoped none of your siblings would ever discover them. It's possible that maintaining a journal is both something you enjoy and something that drives you crazy.

Now, keeping a notebook isn't considered archaic or something that's reserved exclusively for people of a particular age who have more life experience. It's something you should be doing right this very second. Yep, it's true. Keeping a journal is beneficial for several reasons beyond simply allowing you to express yourself or record your recollections. It's beneficial to your health in many ways.

Writing things down has both short-term and long-term benefits for one's health; what are some of those benefits? The following is a list of the top five health benefits of keeping a journal:

Helps Reduce Stress.

An excessive amount of stress can be harmful to your physical health as well as your mental and emotional well-being. It can't be denied. Writing in a journal is an excellent method for managing stress, as well as a healthy practice that can minimize the negative effects of other stresses on your health. In point of fact, a study demonstrated that expressive writing, such as journaling, for as little as fifteen to twenty minutes per day, three to five times over the course of a period of four months was sufficient to reduce blood pressure and increase the performance of the liver.

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In addition, writing about stressful events might assist one in developing appropriate coping mechanisms for dealing with those events. You might find that keeping a notebook before night is an effective way to help you relax and let go of the stresses of the day.

Improves Immune Function.

Writing about things that bring you joy and are meaningful to you has been shown to boost immunity and reduce the likelihood of getting sick. People who keep a journal report having a better functioning immune system (it boosts immune cells! ), as well as less symptoms of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. Expressive writing has been demonstrated to increase liver and lung function, as well as combat some ailments; it has even been reported to assist the wounded in healing more quickly.

Helps to maintain mental acuity Writing in a journal is an excellent way to maintain your brain in tip-top form.

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Memory and understanding are not the only things that are improved; the capacity of working memory is also increased, which may indicate an improvement in cognitive processes.

Improves one's mood.

Do you wish there was more joy in your life? Try keeping a journal. Journaling can have a positive effect on your mood and offer you a stronger sense of general emotional well-being and happiness, which is a unique social and behavioral result that journaling can produce.

Enhances the Capabilities of the Emotions The following are some of the ways that journaling might enhance your overall mental health: The benefits of journaling grow more long-term when journaling habits are created. This means that people who keep diaries become more in tune with their health as they connect with their inner wants and desires. Writing in a journal can bring about an increased state of mindfulness and assist writers in remaining present while maintaining perspective. It allows for the release of pent-up feelings and assists the brain in its effort to maintain emotional equilibrium. It results in an increase in both self-assurance and a sense of one's own identity.

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The practice of journaling can be beneficial for the management of personal change and challenge, as well as the highlighting of significant life patterns and progression. Writing creatively can even help individuals construct more structured, adaptive, and integrated mental models of themselves, others, and the world, according to research that has been conducted. In addition, writing in a diary enables you to access and utilize your right-brained creativity, which enables you to make use of your total brainpower. Journaling is one of the most effective ways to encourage personal development.

Should I journal in bed?

That's fantastic. You got it: Writing in a journal is beneficial for you on many levels, including the physical, the mental, and the emotional. What should you do, though, if you find that you are trapped, like many of the rest of us, looking fruitlessly at a blank page? First things first, you need to let go of the shame you feel for not being able to maintain your motivation quickly. Start with where you are right now. If you only have time to write a single sentence at first or want to go into specifics about what you ate for breakfast, then by all means, do so. Don't waste your time worrying about whether or not your punctuation, grammar, or spelling is correct. Simply put your thoughts down on paper and don't edit them. You are the target of this. Keep in mind that you don't have to be Shakespeare to write well.

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You should go ahead and pick up one of those marble composition books they sell for four dollars, or another option that is finer, and then designate a specific place and time for journaling. And for the time being, keep away your screens when you write in your journal; research has shown that writing by hand engages and strengthens the brain in ways that digital communication does not.

Our lesson? Start keeping a journal if you want to improve your overall health and sense of well-being.

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