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The Awesome Experience Of Writing A Journal

June 22, 2022 5 min read

The Awesome Experience Of Writing A Journal

keeping journal is a most rewarding experience. i have had several kinds of journals one was book where wrote in it and another binder the events day also added everything from chicken feather to cards thank you notes pictures.>

That was really a fun book. It's amazing the things you forget until you open your journal or look at a picture and all of the related memories instantly come to mind and you can talk about it as if it happened today. That is surely amazing!

This amazing book can also tell you details of a special vacation, or your parents 50 year anniversary, or that special day when you turned 21 ; what about graduation and all of those feelings you felt.? Wouldn't it be neat to read those fond memories? Those words will take you right back to that moment, feelings and all.

What about special times with family and friends? can remember what an eventful day it was when I climbed a mountain. was awestruck as watched others climb straight up.

To my amazement, my feet just kept moving and I did it too. What an experience to practically do the splits in trying to climb the huge rocks. When I got to the top of the mountain, stood on a ledge with the very top at chest height and declared that I made it. This fellow told me I hadn't made it as I wasn't on the top. I said was good where I was.

He said I would really regret not getting to the top if didn't get up there, SO, "Get up here!" he said, as he gave me his hand. I was petrified. Though my body was rigid in fear, I crawled to the very top of the mountain that day.

I even laid down over a rock straight out from the mountain top and looked down 3000 feet to the ground. I couldn't believe did that. I am forever grateful to that fellow for talking me into going to the top of the mountain because today, am unstoppable. can do whatever I want to do. Success in it's finest is my intention and if can take others with me, I help them on their way to success as well.

There are also family journals where everyone writes about family events from their perspective. There could be one person who summarizes family events from year to year such as family re-unions.

All of those moments and memories come and go and it just takes a wonderful journal to flash them back right before your eyes again. Parents can keep their favorite drawings and pictures of their children.

I have a picture my son drew of me when he was very young and I still feel warm when I look at it. Grandparents can write about their fun times with their grandchildren. Children can start writing journals at quite a young age. My grandson is eight years old and he writes a lot.

He writes about sports, school, his friends and other activities. We can write about our pets as we love them so much. have had numereous pets and loved them all intensely; each one with their own special personality and they were all considered family.

Vacations are a great time to keep a family journal. What fond memories and fun when you read and remember the places you visited, restaurants, perhaps new foods you tried, the new people you met and what you did or the hikes you went on.

Let's not forget all the souvineres we might have taken home. The pictures that were taken that we can ooo and aaaah over are awesome memories. It is truly endless what you can write about.

The Awesome Experience Of Writing A Journal

Special occasion memories are most important and are another area for journal keeping. Did you have a special birthday, special time or special event that you would like to remember? Start writing now before its gone.

Something that comes to mind for me is during the dark winter days when my husband is driving home from work, turn on all the front lights of the house which he can see a block away.

It's a blaze of glory for him to come home to and he loves it when I do that. I always tell him, "Hurry home to me!" Truly he has the same smile when he comes home as he did years ago when we were first married.

It's marvellous! Your journal can have pictures of you taken each year and you can have fun how you change over the years. It can have pictures of your home or homes as you move about.

Your journal should be a place of inspiration for others who read it. It can be a source of comfort in solving a huge problem that you faced and conquered. I remember a day when sat in my office all alone where the atomosphere was absolutely still, quiet and tense.

I felt that the whole world stood still. I was facing a huge problem and only I alone could come up with the solution and I knew it. How could I save my business? And there I sat deep in thought and unmoving for some considerable time. I just sat and stared, it seemed forever. And then it came to me. I picked up the phone and made a call to someone with whom treasured as my very special friend.

There was no one else. He was the only one; there was no one else on this entire planet who could help me and even though I didn't know really what to say, I knew it would take care of itself. didn't know how, but I knew my special friend, this great man admired so much, would make it right. And indeed, he saved my business and he gave me a new beginning.

He gave me that opportunity to live and fulfill my dream and intention of having a massive, passive income by asking me to be his partner. It has proven to be the best and finest business decision have ever made.

Don't forget to record medical histories where necessary. Keeping a journal here would be critical. I have a friend who suffers from depression. I so admire her; she went off of all those pills and went a natural route to health. It was a tough go. Her wonderful husband kept a journal of her medications, the changes, her reactions and any other pertinent information.

Guess what happened? Everytime a question arose about what order of pills or reactions to medications, what, where and when, he had the answers. Truly amazing! Can you see the importance of a journal? I hope in some way that I have inspired you to start a journal. I hope some of my stories helped you to have some of your stories come to life again.

Write your family history. You are so very special; no one can ever replace you and each and every one of us has a one-of-a-kind story to tell; if it isn't written, it will be lost. Start today and as by-gone memories come to mind, write them down as well.

Write a minimum of three successes each and every day and you will immediately find that keeping a journal will literally change your life. A journal is a number one best seller because everyone will enjoy reading it for decades to come! May I suggest you start one today.

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