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The 7 Ideal Ways Of Journaling That You Should Try Doing

July 16, 2021 3 min read

Sometimes, the most obvious and simple things in life are also the most difficult and profound. These are things like money and love. 


It is a natural instinct to take the time to reflect and pause, to look at yourself and to express what you see. While most people are hurling through life, they want to stop and take a break every now and again.

It is a difficult task to stop other activities and sit down with your journal. Even if you do manage to get away from your surroundings and pick up your pen with your journal, there are a million doubts that can prevent you from writing the words down.

These are some principles that you can use to calm your fears and to help you journal blissfully.

1. Keep a journal in the correct way

Gasp. You might be wondering what the right way is. It's simple. Only one way to journal is right, and that is yours. It is your choice to decide when, where, and how you journal. Don't listen to anyone telling you otherwise. Whatever form journaling takes, journaling is the best way to journal. Period.

2. You can also journal in other ways

However, you can experiment with journaling to achieve certain goals. You might even try guided journaling.

Journalists who journal strictly stick to the pen and paper method of writing prefer it. It is the way your hand connects to the page and the pen that allows you to express yourself more. It's quite a different experience when you use computers and other electronic devices.

Journaling can be done in several ways. You could draw your journal or write it. Or journal at night if writing is not your preferred method. You can have fun with things and remind yourself to not take yourself too seriously.

3. Do not judge your journal's cover!

It's best to use a notebook you have lying around or one you can buy at the local store. There is nothing worse than waiting for the perfect moment to use a gorgeous, expensive journal. You will find yourself saying "I bought this journal 4 years ago, and I have been meaning for it to be used, but ...."

The museums can handle the gilded books. Simple and cheap journaling is the best.

4. Take note of any changes you make

We love to see the fruits of our labors, so when you start journaling, be on the lookout for signs. You'll begin to notice a change within two to three weeks. You might be able to smile more easily and walk a little more comfortably.

This new outlook on life may make you feel better. You can make small changes in your life, but you can still keep track of them and share them with others through your journal.

5. Journaling is best done when you feel the least inclined to journal.

Do a big data dump in your journal when you feel stressed, frustrated, or unproductive. Ask it questions. Talk to it.

Journaling is an excellent way to discover what is really happening inside when you are feeling sluggish or if you don't feel like doing anything.

6. Your journal is not being graded by anyone, so don't listen to your inner critics.

Writing is not something you are comfortable with. You might try scribbling, letting your thoughts flow for ten minutes, and then move on to more serious writing.

Writing can be a breeze if you write at a high speed and ignore the voices telling you that it is impossible.

7. You don't have the time? Ask your journal for help

It can be difficult to make time for yourself. Sometimes even five to ten minutes seem too long.

Use your journal to help you manage time. Write the question "How do I find time to journal?" You'll find the answer by writing a page or ten-minute missive.

The answers are within us. Although we think we don't have the answers, we actually do.

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