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How long does 1ml of fountain pen last?

January 13, 2023 6 min read

How long does 1ml of fountain pen last?

If you use a fine nib on your fountain pen, the ink in your bottle will last approximately 1.6 times longer than if you use a medium nib. I conducted an experiment to determine how many pages I could write using 50 milliliters of ink, and I will present the results below.

With a medium nib, a bottle of fountain pen ink containing 50 milliliters will last 1250 pages (A4); with a broad nib, it will last 1000 pages; and with a fine nib, it would last 3200 pages. You will receive approximately fifty refills out of each bottle on average, and depending on how frequently you write, you may be able to use the same bottle for a number of years.

This is about equivalent to 140,000 words when using a broad nib, 165,000 words when using a medium nib, and 380,000 words while using a fine nib. In other words, presuming you have your first draft published, you can write anywhere from one to three novels using just one bottle of ink.
It is dependent on the type of cartridge, converter, or pen that you use to determine the exact number of refills. In the following section, I'll go through the specifics of how many refills you'll receive for each type.

Are fountain pens high maintenance?

Ink pens and ink cartridges are scattered on the table

Because the precise number of pages will change based on the nib size, the type of paper, and the qualities of the ink, I've devised an experiment in which I test three distinct nib sizes in order to provide an answer that is as definitive as possible.

Consumption of Ink for Three Different Nib Sizes

Before delving into the specifics of the experiment, I'd first like to provide a high-level overview of the findings from the testing. Find below a thorough explanation of the results.
When using fine nibs, the amount of ink used is significantly reduced. My testing has been done with a fine nib, which is so little that it may be classified as extra fine. Let's go on to the next step and figure out how much ink we go through for every ten pages:

The amount of ink used for every 10 pages is as follows:

0.16 milliliters of ink for the fine nib.
0.4 ml of ink is used for the medium nib.
Ink capacity for the broad nib is 0.5 ml.
On the basis of these findings, we are able to perform the following calculations for the amount of writing that should be possible with a conventional ink cartridge:

Pages that were written with a regular ink cartridge:

Fine nib: 45 pages
Medium nib: 18 pages
Broad nib: 14 pages
Test Configuration and Outcomes
I looked all over the internet for a definitive answer to the question of how long it will take to deplete the ink in my 50 ml bottle, but I came up empty. Since a lot of people are curious about this, I decided to do a straightforward investigation so that I could find out the answer for myself.

Fountain pen in box with ink on brown table

What exactly do you want to know?

number of words and letters written how long different sizes of ink bottles and cartridges will last number of pages written for a bottle number of words and letters written.

Test setup

My testing setup is quite straightforward. I'll start by putting 0.1 milliliters of ink into each of three pens, and then I'll write until the pens run out of ink. To get an accurate reading of how much ink is in the converter, I will first weigh it when it is empty, then after it has been filled, and finally after I have written with it. Because of this, I am aware of the precise amount of ink that has been consumed in milliliters.

I'll utilize a precision scale for weighing tasks, Parker Quink blue (new bottle) because it is the most average ink I own, as well as a Jinhao 51A (fine nib), TWSBI Eco (medium nib), and Jinhao x450 (all medium nib) fountain pen for writing duties (broad nib).
I'll write the typical printer's dummy text, which is "The swift brown fox jumps over the slow dog," because this statement is a fair length and uses all the letters in the alphabet. Since it's the most standard-issue notebook I own, weighing 80 grams and measuring A4, I'll use that for my writing.
Concerns regarding the outcome of this experiment
The design of this experiment has a few glaring flaws that are clear to everyone.

Set of vintage dip pen, inkpot and envelope

The most essential aspect being:

I've only tested with one ink, which, although average, will not give conclusive data. I've only tested with fairly average paper, and I'm sure your ink consumption will be substantially less with better paper quality. I've only tested with one nib option, which, although average, will not give conclusive data. testing with only small amounts of ink increases the margin of error. I've only tested with limited nib options to reduce the duration of the experiment.
Overall, I must say that I'm really content with how well this test worked out. I have a very solid understanding of how much ink is used by average pens when writing on average paper with average ink using typical pens. In the future, I might conduct additional tests and add more information to the data from this study in order to make it more accurate.

How long will the lifespan of various ink cartridges be?

With the use of our data, we are able to provide responses to a wide variety of inquiries regarding ink consumption. Simply said, we will determine the total number of pages printed based on the capacity of either the ink cartridge or the bottle.
How long does the ink in a cartridge for a fountain pen typically last?
The number of pages that can be written using a standard ink cartridge ranges from 14 to 45, depending on the size of the nib used: 14 pages when using a broad nib, 18 pages when using a medium nib, and 45 pages when using a fine nib.

Signing a signature with a fountain pen

How long do converters for fountain pens typically last?

The typical ink volume of a converter is 0.9 milliliters, and it is possible to write approximately 45 pages using a fine nib, 18 pages using a medium nib, and 14 pages using a broad nib.
How long does the lifespan of a Lamy converter typically last?
The Lamy Z28 (0.8ml) has a writing capacity of between 16 and 51 pages: 20 pages when using a medium nib, 16 pages when using a broad nib, and 51 pages when using a fine nib. There is a range of 24-77 pages that may be written with the Lamy T10 converter (1.2 ml): 24 pages when using a broad nib, 30 pages when using a medium nib, and 77 pages when using a fine nib.

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